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Meet Our Team

Richard Samuelson - PRS Group President



With a philosophy of putting people first and an aptitude for designing and implementing complex IT solutions, President and Chief Technology Officer Rick Samuelson has been dedicated to helping small and medium businesses leverage technology to maximize productivity since the 1980s.

Colleagues speak highly of his technical acumen, while clients long ago coined the term “Rick magic” to describe his tenacity and uncanny gift for solving intricate IT puzzles. What other pros might consider impossible, Rick sees as a challenge—and often prevails—thanks to a lifelong inner drive equating to where there’s a will there’s a way, and an insatiable thirst to understand every facet of technology.

Rick first began providing IT support as a teen, when asked to assist family and friends with all manner of computing projects. He soon began consulting for small businesses, rapidly mastered a variety of computer systems and software, and created custom applications to streamline client business processes. In 1986, he accepted a full-time job for a company that developed custom business management software, honing his skills in network and systems design, installation, support, and software testing. A family move two years later landed him the lead technician role at a computer and networking company.

In August 1995, Rick founded PRS Group to provide outsourced IT services exclusively to small and medium businesses, and through word of mouth, has remained busy ever since. Rick has always made hiring selections with great care, and is grateful to have built an enthusiastic team driven by a commitment to honesty, integrity, and excellence. When he’s not working, you may find Rick tinkering with tech—an endlessly enjoyable source of discovery and learning for him.

Away from devices, he loves reading, word and logic puzzles, playing the piano, and spending time with family—walking, hiking, biking, beachgoing, and picnicking in the great outdoors. After all, in business and in life, for Rick, people always come first.   



PRS Group’s CEO Jay Samuelson runs company operations with the trademark kindness, composure, compassion, and tech-savvy that clients and coworkers know and love.

Endlessly motivated by the inherent excitement, challenge, and dynamic nature of overseeing an evolving IT business—and donning his field technician detective’s cap whenever asked to sleuth out the solution to your computing problems—Jay has been in lockstep with PRS’ people-centric values since first joining the company in 1998.

Starting as an IT technician and gradually adding virtually every role involved in making PRS tick, Jay stepped away from the company for several years in the early 2000s. During that time, he attended college, worked as an A+ Certified Dell Support Tech, and joined a biotech start-up whose rapid success rocketed him from technician to customer service manager, production manager, plant manager, and IT director.

In 2011, Jay returned to PRS, where he re-established his unflappable indispensability and soon elevated to CEO. Held in the highest regard by his teammates, the feeling is mutual and the skillsets ideally complementary.

Jay holds a B.S. in Applied Physics (with a Microbiology Emphasis) from Brigham Young University. He is a father of seven, fluent in Spanish, and a longtime leader in his church—where he regularly volunteers to support six other congregations, organizing programming and educating members in self-sufficiency and humanitarian practices.

He devotes his spare moments to his children (movie and game nights are family favorites), walks and dates with his wife, hiking, racquetball, piano, organ, and enjoying spaghetti with red sauce whenever humanly possible. 

Jay Samuelson - PRS Group CEO
Lynoa Cattanach - PRS Group, Director of Operations



Lynoa Cattanach thrives in the people-focused, fast-paced, proactive problem-solving world that is PRS Group.

Tasked with ever-streamlining PRS’ internal processes with a perpetual, forward-thinking eye toward strategic company growth, Lynoa is sure to capture your attention with her warm Scottish brogue, engage you with her friendliness, and set you on the fast track to whatever issues you seek to detangle. Lynoa’s innate enthusiasm is evident when describing her talented PRS colleagues—"steadfast…gifted…the kindest, most patient, genuine people you could ever meet”—she feels grateful to find herself in a supportive work culture dedicated to serving its client community with honesty, integrity, and excellence.

Passionate about the environment and sustainability, Lynoa co-founded and ran a non-profit in Scotland prior to her time at PRS. Spanning many countries and professions, her career has always explored the realms of human services, social enterprise, and business development.

She holds a degree in Communication Studies from Edinburgh’s Napier University, and an Organic Agriculture degree from Derby College in England.

When she’s not at work, Lynoa will most likely be found chauffeuring her teenage children, renovating her home, exploring the outdoors, plotting her next travel adventure, enjoying a concert, or lovingly preparing a home-cooked meal for friends.

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